"City Construction aims to
profitably provide customers with quality buildings while protecting the environment and creating long-term social, cultural and economic
benefits for the region."







Our Services

City Construction tackles it all - from design and build projects on greenfield sites to challenging projects on crowded sites where daily business must go on. Its range of services from concept to completion includes:

  • industrial construction
  • commercial construction
  • residential construction
  • design and build
  • project management
  • planning, programming and budgeting.


With independent expertise in engineering, construction practices and solid working relationships, City Construction can undertake design and build packages of the most complex nature.
The design and build approach provides greater surety of an exceptional finished product completed on time. Through design and build, City Construction can:

  • put together a design team appropriate to each individual project
  • provide qualified, experienced, professional people for all parts of a project
  • handle the whole job to avoid delays and enable early returns
  • keep in touch regularly from concept to completion
  • make design changes as building proceeds, with minimal cost overruns
  • gain the most economic use of building systems and materials.


The company still contracts under the conventional tender system.


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